2015 Demo Folbot Greenland II. We have used this kayak for two years as a demo. Everything works great.  Hull has minor scrapes and dings and some color fading. We always store our kayaks out of the sun and keep them dry. I have put a couple tuff tape patches on the hull for protection. Does not leak. I have prepped the gunnels for a BSD sail kit if you want to sail this kayak see link for full sail kit & kayak here.

 This price includes 2 Folbot double blade paddles,rudder kit , standard seats,carry bags & UPS domestic  ground delivery or will I deduct $120 if you pick up or meet us somewhere  on the east coast.

Current Stock:
Weight: 65.00 LBS
Width: 10.00 (in)
Height: 60.00 (in)
Depth: 10.00 (in)

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