Folbot Flotilla July 31- August 10 th  Rangley Maine

Hi Folks,

 We want everyone to know is it time to make your summer plans and join us at the Cupsuptic Campground this July 31-Aug 10th. This is a small campground right on Cupsuptic Lake. Please make your own reservations. We will be at site 60.

  I was first here when I was 12 years old with my trusty 1962 Folbot G2. We have camped and sailed here many times and know the area quite well. We like this newly renovated campground the best. There are also numerous primitive campsites throughout the whole chain that are perfect for multi day treks.

 There will be numerous sailing clinics anytime the wind blows.

  The Rangley's are a part of the Northern Forest Canoe Trail and are  surrounded by conserved forests and mountains and the Appalachian Trail overlooks the lake. 

  Everyone is welcome to Participate with or without your Folbot! We lean towards sailing during the week but there is plenty of paddling,hiking & biking as well. 

 Be sure to stop by the Woodbury Meadows Campground on your way to Maine at  our place in Vermont!