Original 1980's Klepper 55 sq ft S-2 Sail Kit. This kit may never have been used. In excellent condition complete with all lines and ready to sail for  Klepper Areius II or Long Haul tandem kayaks. Mast diameter is 1.25". There are no outriggers for this sail kit. The mast  will insert into the casting at the front of all Klepper/LH folding kayaks. You may need to mortise a 1"x1" hole in your  keelson if there is no prep on your kayak.

  This Kit includes: Main sail, Jib,Mast,boom,Cross thwart,2 lee Boards and storage bag.

The Dacron main and jib are in excellent condition but have a few light brown stains. You will need a Klepper rudder on your kayak to use this kit. We have Klepper rudders for sale.

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