The 32 'HP'  BSD BATWING  Kit weighs 34 #.  Included : a 32' sport sail with a zippered 2 reef point system , a 14' sectional aluminum mast, boom, cross tube, 2 outriggers, 1 48" lee board and a fit kit for your Klepper Kamerad TS. Installations are tricky and can take up to 4 hours. It requires drilling holes in your kayak. If you meet me at our shop in VT or somewhere on the east coast I can install the rig for $325.

We have a  Cross Bar Mounting Board  made by Long Haul which will fit the Kamerad TS and it simplifies installation. See pics.


Once installed it takes about 10 minutes to put the kit up or down and stow it in your boat. The longest section is 56". BSD makes the best performance kayak sailing rig on the market.


   Please note: KAYAK NOT INCLUDED!

 Your boat also needs a to have a foot operated rudder to use this kit. We sell the rudder here: SYK Rudder Kit. A rudder is not included in the kit.


Our sail kits come with instructions and phone support or come up to VT, drop off a boat so we can put one on for you. Normal installation fees are $325/kayak.We also meet 4 times a year at various locations from Florida to Maine along the east coast and can install a kit on your kayak at our " Sails Angels" Events.





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