BSD  NEW & IMPROVED ALL BLACK HD Version.  Replace your  leaking BSD AMA or keep a spare in your kayak when going out sailing. Most sailors get a decade or better from our inflatable amas but I still carry a spare  on all our outings. It takes 5 minutes to change. Check out the photo showing how to reattach to the AKA.   PRICE IS FOR ONE. 

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Extreme Amas BSD

Jeffrey Robinson on 24th Oct 2017

This is a great product in every way. Very durable and made with high quality materials. Jon is also a reliable, trustworthy and very knowledgeable person to buy from

BSD/BOSS ama on Klepper

Chris Wilkes on 16th Aug 2014

Received my BOSS amas about 3 weeks ago, and made crossmount tube and akas for my Klepper/Long Haul hybrid Aerius 2 from 1-1/2 and 1-/4" OD 6061-T6 temper aluminum tube, and saddles from fibreglass-reinforced rubber. I included features not available in standard BSD/BOSS outrigger for 1) downwind sailing and 2) adjustable aka/ama height for light winding sailing. Spent 4 days sailing on Lake Michigan and Green Bay last weekend with these. The amas work very well and I am very pleased with them. May purchase another set for excellent boat stability with Klepper S4 rig with 70 square feet of sail. Two sets of BSD/BOSS amas should give me safety on big waters with gusts up to over 35 mph. Many thanks to Jon Sairs, David Velverde, and Mark Balogh for this ama design and setting up steady manufacturer somewhere of this excellent ama. I will recommend them to anyone who asks! Best regards, Chris Wilkes