This is a  Long Haul product  that works with most tandem kayaks. Including Long Haul Mark II, Klepper Aerius II , Kamerad TS  & the Folbot Super or Greenland II. The unit has 4 clamps that reach under the washboard coaming. The BSD cross tube mounts to the reinforced black aluminum sleeves. 

  For more adventuresome sailing  the bow person can  hike  onto the integrated padded cushion as the board extends beyond mast step. This 12mm (1/2") plywood board includes mounting hardware ,one fair lead and a Harken Micro cleat, but no BSD outrigger, sails, mast, lines or other accessories.

  Send us a couple pictures of your kayak and we can advise. We can install here in our Vermont shop or at one of the East Coast Sails Angels gatherings if you bring/ship us your kayak.

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