This will fit all 1990's+  Folbot Expedition kayaks with plastic end caps.Do you have broken end cap ears? We have modified a standard plastic Folbot End Cap by adding  a Stainless steel bracket. This will keep the rudder from twisting or breaking off the tabs on your stock plastic end cap or fix a broken one. You will be rewarded with better steering while sailing or paddling.


                    You can also just order your own rudder bracket for $39 and do it yourself.


To change your Folbot End cap.
1) Remove frame from Hull. Keep all nuts,washers,screws to reinstall.
2) Use a socket to remove stern nut only. This is a carriage bolt embedded in stem. Leave as is.
3) Unzip the hull fully. Reach in and place a short Phillips head screw driver to reach the top screw and turn off the top nut. Roll cap off hull over lower stern bolt carefully.
4) To reinstall: Reuse the white nylon washer found behind fabric. Remove top bolt in rebuilt end cap & push cap over stern bolt and push new longer bolt through fabric and up to cap.
and refasten cap.


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