Intended primarily for Folbot Greenland ll kayaks with plastic end caps.Do you have broken end cap ears? We have modified a standard plastic Folbot End Cap by adding  a Stainless steel bracket. This will keep the rudder from twisting or breaking off the tabs on your stock plastic end cap or fix a broken one. You will be rewarded with better steering while sailing or paddling.They are great for all other  Folbot expedition kayaks as well.This is Popular Product. But I have a problem. I can't buy anymore caps. Order here and send me your stern cap and I will promptly return it with a bracket attached!

To replace or add a rudder to you expedition Folbot click here: SYK Rudder

Call or text any questions to Jon:802.456.8165 8am-8pm EST.

Please note:Folbot end cap not included. You supply the Folbot end cap & I add a rudder bracket to it. If you need repairs to an older aluminum end cap just take it to a welding shop.

Use a bubble wrap envelope & ship to:  

Sail Your Kayak

1005 County Rd

East Calais VT 05650


                    You can also just order your own rudder bracket and do it yourself.


To change your Folbot End cap.
1) Remove frame from Hull. Keep all nuts,washers,screws to reinstall.
2) Use a socket to remove stern nut only. This is a carriage bolt embedded in stem. Leave as is.
3) Unzip the hull fully. Reach in and place a short Phillips head screw driver to reach the top screw and turn off the top nut. Roll cap off hull over lower stern bolt carefully.
4) To reinstall: Reuse the white nylon washer found behind fabric. Remove top bolt in rebuilt end cap & push cap over stern bolt and push new longer bolt through fabric and up to cap.
and refasten cap.


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