This rod clip will replace any Long Haul or Klepper rod clip if yours are damaged or need replacement. If you have a 60's vintage Klepper with the blue rod clips you can cut them off and upgrade to the newer style and make assembling  your kayak much easier. A rivet and washer is included with each clip. You will need 2 per rib.


PLEASE NOTE:  The new rod clip needs to be stretched by placing each clip over a rod and twisting to relax the jaws. It is best to do this after installing them on your ribs and before kayak assembly.



  Break off old rubber clips & cut out old rivet. To set new rivet you will need a ball peen hammer to strike the stem and an small anvil or firm metal surface to brace the head of rivet ~ see 4th photo.

  • Please note the new clips will have to be stretched after fastening to rib and before kayak assembly.


  Or send us your ribs and we will do it for $125. ~ Includes up to 7 ribs and return domestic shipping back to you. Just check options box below. Turn around time 1- 2 weeks depending on our schedule. I will email you on where ship to us after you place the order.

Save $5 on a full clip set of 14 if you are fixing a tandem kayak. Price includes domestic shipping.

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