Price is for one rod holder. One  rivet and washer is included.These will replace any Long Haul or Klepper rod holder if yours are damaged or need replacement. If you have a 60's vintage Klepper with the blue rod holder you can cut them off and upgrade to the newer style and make assembling  your kayak much easier.  You will need 2 per rib. Price shown is for one holder. Fits Klepper Master and Passat also.


IMPORTANT ! PLEASE NOTE:  The new rod holder "Jaw" needs to be stretched by placing each clip over a rod and twisting. It is best to do this after installing them on your ribs and before kayak assembly.



  Break off old rubber holder & cut out old rivet. To set new rivet you will need a ball peen hammer to strike the stem and an small anvil or firm metal surface to brace the head of rivet ~

  • Please note the new clips will have to be stretched after fastening to rib and before kayak assembly.



  Price includes domestic shipping.

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Klepper kayak replacement rod holders

Bruce Klemz on 15th Feb 2022

Easy to install, just follow the instructions they give you. And when they say stretch them, make sure you stretch them or else they won’t fit. First assembly took a while, I had to re stretch a few of them I failed to stretch enough, but now assembly is easy and very solid. Makes my old kayak solid again, very happy.

Folding kayak rod clip

John Merz on 18th Aug 2019

I believe the plastic rod clips are a great improvement over the broken what appears to be rubber original ones. Removal of the old clips and installation of the new ones was very easy. I thought forcing the rods into the new clips and wiggling was hard work and kind of rough on the wooden boat parts so I did something different. I put hot water in a shallow tub/bucket and let the clip sit in the water for a couple of minutes then pushed the rod into the clip. I then let this sit for a day to adapt. Obviously this makes the project last a couple of days but I think its easier on the installer and the boat parts. Yesterday I assembled the Klepper with the new clips and the rods all clicked in very positively with not a lot of muscle needed. This made boat assembly much easier then my old broken clips. I highly recommend this product.