Our best selling sail kit that you can set up on your boat in minutes. The longest section is 56" so it will store on or in your kayak. Our 36 square foot sail kit is best for 17' or longer kayaks.Excellent in light winds.This sail also reefs to 28 & 22 square feet. Ama color is Yelow top with a black bottom.

Pick a stock sail or Try the sail color picker here.  Write down the colors you want and add them to the comments area at check out. We do not charge more for custom colors but the lead times can be 5-7 weeks. We have fit kits for all hull types.

 The BATWING™ HP SPORT™ 36 sail comes with zippered 2 reef point system, & boom,One leeboard,Outriggers & Harken cam cleats for halyard & downhaul.

Please note >The BSD Sail  kit does not include a rudder. Domestic Shipping is included.

We can install any of our kits if you bring us your kayak or canoe to our shop in Vermont of meet us at any of our Events. Normal installation fees are $295/kayak.

Download installation Manuals here:





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Best Sail Kit Ever

We sail a pair of 18'6" Easy Rider kayaks in the Florida Keys and the 36 Hp sail with the reefing feature lets us sail in any conditions.