Our best selling sail kit that will stow in or on your boat. Use our 38 square foot sail kit for 17' or longer kayaks especially good for tandems.

 Try the sail color picker here.Then write down the colors you want and add them to the comments area. We do not charge more for custom colors but the lead times can be 5-7 weeks. We have fit kits for all hull types. 

  This sail is excellent in light winds & you can reef easily on the water, down to 30' or 24'. The BATWING™ 38 Expedition  sail comes with zippered 2 reef point system, & boom,One leeboard,Outriggers & Harken cam cleats for halyard & downhaul.The kit does not include a rudder. This price includes shipping to US.

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20 years and going strong

We have a 17' folding kayak and we love this sail. It reefs to just 24' when needed and does extremely well as an all round sail for any conditions.