Among the many highlights of the 2017 Sails Angels gathering this May on the Chesapeake Bay was our 19 mile sail from the Pokemoke Sound  up to Pokemoke City with an outrunning tide running against us for most of the journey. We got an early start and managed to spot two cars at the  City launch ramp by 8:30AM. Once back at the Tall Pines Harbor CG we had a south east wind gusting into the 20's at our backs when when 8 boats launched about 10 AM.  Our first mile went smoothly and everyone was double reefed. The approach to the   Pokomoke River was where it got interesting. We found 3-4 ' standing waves greeting us as the tide rolled out. at 2-3 +MPH There was very little cover and the wind had picked up to almost 30 MPH. We circled up at a sand bar just before entering the taller waves. The next mile or two was pretty much survival sailing at it's best. Everyone got damp except Brad who had his trusty bailing bucket going the whole way in his more open kayak. Once we got past the first farm and found a corner the waves backed off and we just flew at 5-9 MPH for another 6 miles nonstop until Cedar Hall Rd. From there we got to practice our paddle sailing skills on the two lengthy ox bows which went on for several miles.  The wind eventually returned to our backs which let us cruise as a fleet up into the cypress tree forest and then blow past numerous camps during the remaining miles into town. Overall we paddled just about 3 miles of the 19 with no equipment issues and had some of the best kayak sailing ever!

Here is a few highlight from the trip: Pokomoke River Sail