Here is the line up so far:

  Winter ~ Flaming CG Jan 29-Feb 6. Flamingo FL

  Early Spring ~ Coleman Landing Shady Oaks CG Feb 28 - March 10 Lake Kissimee FL

  Spring ~ Tall Pines Harbor CG May 7- 14. Temperancville VA

  Summer ~ Cupsuptic CG August - August 1 -11. Rangeley ME

  Fall ~ Cedar Island Resort. Sept 30 - Oct 10th Cedar Island NC

    Sails Angels gatherings are self organized , unstructured camping events in great sailing locations. All are welcome. Bring your own kayak and or demo a sailing kayak with a BSD sail rig. Sail Kits are available for purchase and can be installed on site with advance notice.

 Contact Jon for more details: