Spring 2023 update. We are spending more time in our Klepper Kamerad TS. While sailing  with a pair of 32' BSD rigs and dual side by side lee boards, I found the kayak would not go to windward as well as expected.  The larger forward sail pushes the kayak down wind unless moderate rudder pressure is used to compensate.

    With a couple pieces of Oak clamped to the deck I was able to place a 2nd lee board at the bow with a 30" x 1-/3/8" tube. 

  The results were impressive. With the lee board lowered just part way down the kayak would sail straight into the tack with no encouragement from the rudder.

  I would recommend a second lee board for any BSD schooner rig and consider placing them as shown for the best experience.

Check out the results here in this video Salt Springs Tour